Tuesday, 7 March 2017

28th Regiment for Aboukir 1801

A couple of weeks ago I presented the intermediate state of the figures I wanted to paint for our game at Tactica wargames show in Hamburg (here). Namely it was the 28th Regiment of Foot which I wanted to recreate to serve during Sir Ralph Abercromby's landing at Aboukir in 1801. Finally the very day before we went to Hamburg I finished my work:
The unit consists of 24 figures of which 21 were converted plastics from Perry Miniatures and 3 metal miniatures for the three officers in the unit. First I though of using plastics for them as well but I wanted those iconic top hats most officers wore during the 1801 campaign.
For details about the conversion please look here. However as you see on the picture I used greenstuff to make most trumplines, water bottles and pouches. In addition I combined parts from the British Napoleonics, AWI British, AWI Continentals and NWF British plastics to create a rather relaxed looking unit. The idea was to have a unit which has a small break after a long march or something like that.
Colours by GMB.

The three metal officers with top hats. Without colours yet.
Of course the unit needed a combination of centre and flank companies. As usual I decided to include three men for each of the flank companies and 15 centre companie fellow.

Well... That's it so far. By now the most individual unit I painted and it was as much fun as it was work to create 21 individual figures. Finally they saw service here at Hamburg. During the three games we played they performed rather well and contributed their part in driving the French off the beach.

However I hope you like my humble contribution to the challenge. Of course not a tremendous mass of figures but at least the project that kept me busy from November to February. In addition to this usual version of the 28th I created a rowing boat which carries them to the beach. But this will be content of my next post... 


  1. Such a great unit Stefan and a wonderful contribution to your club's game - some of your best work to date I think.

  2. Splendid flags, uniforms and paiting Stefan!

  3. A wonderful looking unit, I could be tempted to expand my collection to cover the brits with postings like this.

  4. Really great job putting these guys together and painting them up Stefan!

  5. Stunning painted figures Stefan!